Benefit by Partnering Early on in the Project and Design Process


The greatest success and ROI occurs with early production team involvement (EPTI) – engage together early on in the engineering and development process, starting with the concept and design phase. this enable Ego provide a seamless production solution for every customer, and help us to build quality and low cost into every product.

Time after time, we’ve proven that extra effort up front ensures success, and that is why Ego considers EPTI as one of the two most critical factors in the engineering and development of plastic injection molded parts.

EPTI enables proactive communication and collaboration on product specifications, performance, design, materials and much more.

Add Ego Manufacturing Group expertise and attention to detail into your existing design team with EPTI during the important planning and design phases, for benefits including:

a. Tap into full expertise and the latest materials and plastic injection molding technologies to optimize product and manufacturing solutions
b. Incorporate design for manufacturability right from the start
c. Eliminate potential problems early on – save time and cost
d. Reduce development time – get to market faster
e. Engineer out cost – engineer in quality and optimal performance