Mechanical 2D drafting



Ego Manufacturing Group possess the relevant resources, experience and capabilities to provide a one-stop shop platform to the clients be it Concept drawing, producing drawings for mechanical projects, providing manufacturing drawings in either 2D or 3D format of various mechanical assemblies or 2D to 3D drawings Conversions, addition of geometric dimensions, annotations, other tolerance related information, Bill of Material to any type and format of mechanical engineering drawings. Belonging to same field, we realize the potential of parametric modeling in terms of providing flexibility when designing and managing any product.


It is crucial to have a team on board who understands clearly the concepts of designing and manufacturing any product and thereby producing product specific CAD drawings. Our professional and dedicated team of highly qualified Mechanical engineers possess the relevant knowledge of prototyping and manufacturing industries. We provide client specific customized design and drafting services. Whether you require 2D Drafting services or a simple 2D to 3D or vice versa CAD Conversion Service, we have cost-effective solutions for all your design and drafting needs.



 Ego Manufacturing Group efficient CAD drafting services 


In todays times, it is very important for all engineering firms and companies to have the mechanical drawings in electronic format that can be easily accessible, edited, archived, reproduced and modified as and when needed in a way that any given point of time these can be readily integrated along with the assemblies and parts providing the flexibility and boost the speed of any design process in CAD format. When it comes to modifying the existing CAD Drawings, the process of doing so is preferred to be easy when using a parametric drawing approach with managing the layers appropriately and greater control over revisions, annotations. The use of CAD is spread over a wide array of fields that require design and drafting such as Architecture and all types of Engineering fields for example designing a machinery or a tool.


Ego Manufacturing Group engineers take pride in providing customer focused and project specific CAD design and drafting services along with bringing in improvisation to many of our clients design processes in terms of efficiency. Learn more about our reverse engineering service here.

Our dedicated team of Mechanical Engineers have come from varied industries namely Automobile, Aerospace, Marine, Food Processing, Ducts and Piping, HVAC and Healthcare. These engineers are experts in CADD with high level of proficiency in using design and drafting tools such as AutoCAD, Solidworks, REVIT, CATIA, Inventor, Pro/Engineer, etc.


What limits most of the outsourcing design and drafting services provider is the project management skills of their team. Perhaps the aspect of Project planning, communication, reviewing and documentation in order to provide best quality design and drafting services to our client’s is what makes us the most sort after Design and Drafting services provider company in China..