Vibrant, Long-Lasting, High-Quality Color Without Painting


Color is a critical part of many plastic injection molded components, and molded-in color technology enables vibrant, long-lasting, high-quality color and finish without the cost or environmental concerns of painting or plating.


With molded-in color technology, precolored plastic resins are used in the plastic injection molding process so the molded part emerges in the specified color and finish. No painting, plating or other finishing steps or cost – and the color is an integral part of the component, not just on the surface, eliminating quality issues due to paint scratching or peeling.






Molded-In Color advantages include:


a. High-quality, long-lasting, brilliant color and finish – increased customer satisfaction
b. No paint scratching or peeling issues – coloring is integral to the plastic molded part
c. Coloring that withstands harsh environments
d. Lower final part cost – eliminates secondary operations
e. Less scrap with no secondary painting
f. Faster part production – color achieved in one step during molding
g. Environmentally friendly manufacturing – eliminates environmental issues of painting, easily recycled, and lowers overall production energy footprint
h. FDA and NSF compliant, molded-in coloring available
i. Flame-retardant grades available






Ego Manufacturing Group is experienced with molded-in color plastic injection molding technology with a variety of materials, including polycarbonate plastics and polycarbonate plastic blends (PC, PC/ASA, PC/ABS, PC/PET) and thermal plastic olefin (TPO) plastics.


Molded-in color plastic injection molding offers advantages in a wide range of applications, such as:


a. Exterior and interior body panels, fenders and housings
b. Utility vehicle and recreational vehicle components
c. Agricultural equipment
d. Marine
e. Lawn and garden equipment
f. Plastic housings
g. Appliances

Contact to know how Ego Plastic experience in molded-in color plastic injection molding helped a leading agricultural equipment OEM produce an exterior body panel with a long-lasting brilliant color and finish that withstands harsh outdoor environments, without the high manufacturing cost and environmental issues of secondary painting.