Once the forming process of your product has been completed, it still needs to be properly trimmed. This is needed to ensure that your final product meets exact specifications as the sheets of plastic used to create your product can’t be pre-cut. In order to meet precise sizes and spacing, you simply can’t leave the trimming up to human skill. That’s why Ego Manufacturing Group employs CNC robotic trimming equipment to properly trim your product.



 5-Axis Custom Plastic Trimming Equipment

Using our 5-axis CNC Robotic trimming equipment, we are able to deliver extremely accurate part dimensions within a high-speed production system. Many of our customers have exacting requirements for hole placements, trim angles, and window openings. In order to accomplish this, CNC and robotic trimming equipment is necessary to achieve exact specifications.


A CNC machine is an electro-mechanical machining tool that uses pre-programmed software to route, trim, and machine your product in fine detail and within very specific tolerances. This uses 3D modeling and CAD software, such as SolidWorks, and often uses the final 3D CAD drawings from the prototyping phase to complete your product. This combined with our 5-axis robotic arms allow total control over the specifications and look of the final product.


The 5-axis robotic arm trimmer is a fast and efficient trimming method as it utilizes a routing bit mounted on the tip of the high speed, articulating spindle. This allows the arm to achieve trimming that a CNC machine, in spite of its own abilities, can’t quite do and does it quickly, allowing for faster production speeds. Additionally, the robotic arm also produces a clean edge for custom plastics.



 Our Process for CNC and Robotic Trimming for Custom Plastic

Once the part has been thermoformed, we vacuum clamp the part to a router fixture to be trimmed. This router fixture is an aluminum cast created from the mold used to thermoform the product. In some cases, to meet the most stringent requirements, these fixtures are CNC machined for the highest geometric precision.


Once the product has been vacuum clamped, the trimming process begins. CNC engineers plan this process and oversee it to ensure that both the quality of the final product is high and that the process is as swift and efficient as possible. If any in-process adjustments are needed, they are easily implemented to ensure timely delivery. Engineering change requirements are delivered quickly through our advanced ECO management system.



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Advanced Plastiform, Inc. are leaders in the injection molding and thermoforming industry. We make it our business to invest in the most current and innovative plastics manufacturing processes and equipment in order to stay at the cutting edge of the trade. We utilize these advantages to bring you a better product at better prices and with quick delivery times. Our CNC and robotic trimming are one of the many value-added processes we use to ensure the quality of our product and our performance. We’re pleased to provide our custom plastic components manufacturing services conveniently to businesses all over the world.