Pristine molding conditions, state-of-the-art technology and ongoing compliance and certification are the pillars of successful medical molding. Ego’s Class 100,000/ISO Class 8 clean rooms (located at Shanghai China) are equipped with the technologies and capabilities required to ensure our commitment to quality is never compromised. With a wide range of medical molding capabilities, we can accomplish the most demanding applications and rigorous requirements presented to us.

Our clean room facilities are FDA registered, cGMP compliant and ISO certified to 9001. We constantly monitor and regulate temperature, humidity and air filtration to ensure the proper environment for part traceability and compliance. The rigorous controls around the validation of machinery and processes ensure supreme precision and repeatability for our customer’s projects. When high-quality parts with tight tolerances are critical, Ego delivers.

Look to us for the following when you require an innovative and competitive medical plastics solution:

a. Medical disposables
b. Medical devices
c. Medical packaging
d. Medical instruments
e. Medical plastic components (e.g., orthopedic devices, syringes)